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Supporting your search for new biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of critial diseases.

Generating high-resolution data from any biological sample and contributing to the development of novel, fast, efficient, and minimally invasive diagnostic tools.

Transcriptomics & RNA-Seq

With low amounts we generate high-resolution data from each biological sample

NGS has revolutionized the analysis of entire transcriptomes and delivers fast and high-resolution information on variants, alleles, mutations, coding and non-coding RNAs.

Our special RNA-Seq variant MACE (massive analysis of cDNA ends) combined with our TrueQuant technology allows to analyze gene expression, alternative polyadenylation, allele-frequencies and genotyping in small quantity samples.

MACE is an improved variant of 3`single end mRNA Seq based on “tag” sequencing of a transcript.

We use “TrueQuant” molecular barcoding to eliminate the PCR bias. With TrueQuant we label PCR-templated prior amplification. Unique TrueQuant adapters are tacked to the templates and PCR copies can be identified form PCR artefacts.

Target-Sequencing Approaches

State of the Art Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Solutions supporting your research

Whole Exome Sequencing

With whole Exome Sequencing (WES) we provide information on all somatic and germline mutations as well as copy number variations and fusion genes in gene coding regions.

DeNovo Sequencing

By DeNovo Sequencing, a hybrid sequencing strategy combining PacBio reads with Illumina reads, enables us to investigate unknown genomes. Amplification regimes further help to uncover hard-to-sequence genomic regions.

Whole Genome Sequencing

We also offer whole genome sequencing for genome wide mutation detection and analysis of copy-number variations of the human and other genomes.


We aim to improve current diagnostics and prognostics by uncovering novel biomarkers for you

Reduced Complexity Sequencing (RC-Seq)

RC-Seq is an ideal technique for comparative genomic analysis for genotyping by sequencing. We can detect and map SNPs and analyze copy number variations.

Genome Skimming

We perform “Shotgun-sequencing” of the entire genome uncovering repetitive elements such as simple sequence repeats, long and short interspersed elements, long terminal repeats, and mitochondrial DNA.

Transponase Accessible Chromatin Sequencing (ATAC-Seq)

Mimicking transponases we integrate sequencing adapters into the nucleosome free genome regions allowing us to separate the nucleosome-free and nucleosome-bound genome parts.



We generate genome-wide high-resolution profiles of C-methylation pattern. We use methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes that generate fragments (MethylSeq-Tags) which we can sequence and annotate to the genome.


We can assess all DNA fragments present in a sample by metagenomics. We annotate obtained sequence reads with high-performance computer clusters to sequences in a database.


We can analyze the gene activity of the microbiome using an adapted sensitive RNA-Seq.


We are working with a team of bioinformaticians that extract your data using smart error correction strategies, highly sensitive mapping and annotation steps.